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April 25, 2005


The CultureGhost

Holy Extremism in the defense of Liberty is not a vice, Batman! If Goldwater reads like a moderate/liberal in today's environment, then you know the oatmeal has hit the windmill big time.


No shit.

Totally irrelevant. When I was six, seven, the name "Barry Goldwater" was like a splinter from some secret, magic world entering the foot of the mundane. I heard it in association with politics and was mystified. Goldwater.


Crazy Moonbarry.

As has been pointed out time & again, today's "conservatives" are anything but. They bear a superficial and lip-service resemblance to conservatives, but they are in fact radicals.

What ever happened to standing athwart history and yelling "Stop!"? Now it's "Full Speed Ahead!" or "Full Speed Astern!", all the time.


Goldwater was then, and would be today, a libertarian. Libertarianism supports some things that us lefties (groupthink hug!) support, but align themselves with the right on the issues of national sovereignty/security and the Right to Bare Arms ("nuthin up my sleeve, punk!").

So they sometimes say things that sound okay (like David Horowitz allegedly being fine with all those gay rights), but ultimately support a negative version of liberty that is more comfortable with Christian fundamentalism (because, you know, it's oppressed by the government) than with Economic Girly-Men and their academic hit-men.


What a find, Heretik! It really is an upside-down world.

I'm stealing this! ;-)

P.S. I laughed for 10 minutes over "The Chosen People Reunion Tour"! Haahahah!

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