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April 21, 2005


mutant cat

Booh, hoo, they all just hate me cause I'm beautiful.

Anne Coldsore

Pra Ha, Ha, Ha, praha hissy mutant cat, we know we're you are in Praha, or Prague as should be known in the only language that matters, English as spoken by the right people. Don't hate me because I a beautiful and I am, hate me because my ideas possess a terrible beauty.


Don't dismiss me because I'm blond. Dismiss me because I'm a snivelling incoherent twit!


Anne Coldsore, you're no foreign tart. Come over here, I'll lose you in the tube. Mind the gap, blondie, you just might slide through, with no liberal safety net to save you.

mutant cat

Hey, I'm blonde too, more of a dirty blonde but blonde nevertheless. That's why everyone's always out to get me.

Anne Coldsore

Mutant Cat, I heard you were the dirtiest blonde of all, but I think your roots are showing.

mutant cat

Ooh! That hurts.


Die quietly now, liberal slime, without a bang or a whimper. When you have to die, it costs nothing to be polite.

That's their philosphy to a tee. But I like it better in the original german.

Anne Coldsore

Foreign Tart, I just noticed your slimy liberal comment slithering up out of the ooze. Know my truth! I have never found myself lost in the tube or around the tube either.

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