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April 22, 2005



Well, I just got new tires on my car, which improves gas mileage tremendously. :)


There is a quiz you can take for Earth Day at that will calculate your ecological footprint. It is kind of depressing.

NeoCon Crusher

So you have an assistant now Heretik? Been busy lately?

The Alchemist

Recently I was investigating converting my car to vegetable oil, but instaling a £300 kit on a £700 car was not realy worth it.


I spent most of my day teaching young children about trees and basic tree science.

Of course I spend most of my days that way...LOL

media girl

I did something radical. I just didn't drive. Go figure. I never knew i was an anarchist.

The Heretik

I didn't drive much either.

I am going to do more vol work in a natural area revegetation area. Native plants get pushed out by later arrivals. Just what is a native plant?

When I weeded in my garden, I asked myself just what is a weed ? Maybe some things are more appropriate in just some places. And some don't have any place at all. How do you decide what belongs where?


Had a house party to raise funds for FLORIDA PIRG (Public Interest Resource Group) which focuses on energy/environmental issues that impact Florida.

Great time, wonderful interaction and we raised close to $400...every little bit helps, ya know??


I got up close and personal with Mother Earth, rearranging the dirt in my garden. Now that you've made that point about the weeds, I wish I'd left mine there. They were very pretty weeds.

But I want to grow my own veg. Reduces lorry use, as well as Tesco profits.


you have to know that you are my favorite... :)

mutant cat

I didn't drive but I never do, but I in fact didn't take any sort of transport all day except for feet, but then again I don't need to.

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