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April 07, 2005



Is it ethical to make up stories in order to make myself seem more important than I really am? And, what if I was making up stories in order to make money?

The  Heretik

Roxanne, now didn't we um spank that Maklin chick pretty hard? She may have seemed real and she'll always be real to me, but . . . Ah, everybody see Rox now


Dear Omega (if I may be so familiar),
I have love for my dog, Alpha, as well. Is that so wrong? Despite what Man-on-Dog Deist maintains, can I not serve two masters--Tom and Alpha--with the same flesh? (I'll not gaze at the droopy jowled ones until further word from the real Quasi.)

Quasi MoDo

The world truly is going to the dogs! By all means, do not google the word "santorum". The Greater Quasi do not believe I can handle your um stuff, Tart, sweet as it is I am so sure. So a Quasi Authority will get back with you soon. Be patient. And if the dog gets anxious, draw the line on letting him hump only your leg. MoDo (down and) OUT!

Missouri Mule

Dear Omega,
I have sinned. I was having lustful thoughts about a horse while I was picking out his stall. My wicked step-sisters said I was going to hell in a handbag. Is this so? I so wanted to go to the bar, I mean ball in a coach.

Quasi MoDo

Oh, dear. Horse questions are always most problematic, particularly when you consider what those cowboys DeLay and Cornyn are really doing to the country down there in Texas. Much as I would like to touch this hot little piece of problem ya got here, I am going to have to say Stop yer horsing around for now and pass this on to Quasi Agnostic Deist Delta. Look for something from the Delta Force soon.

Missouri Mule

Are you tellling me to shut up and eat my coney island and drink my nehn high?

Quasi MoDo

Neigh, neigh. Not at all.


Santorum. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. Now it all makes sense.

Quasi MoDo

Oy. Did The Quasi tell them not to goggle?

To google or not to google. . . that is the question. Oy.

The Heretik


Missouri Mule

Dear Omega,

I'm I foolish to be so giddy bout' the Invented Ruler's approval rating being in the shit house? Pray tell? Unwinding minds want to know.

Sleepless in Misery

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