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April 10, 2005


Michelle Malkin

That's a tough question, my little heretik. hmmm. I am working on something at this very moment! If I ever stop reading stuff and get back to photoshop TM.

Anyway, I vote for bushie.


did you notice that bush was at half smirk while in the vatican?


Way too much necrophilia for me...


Bill:"I see dead people."

David Noon

I had a similar photo up on my blog -- here's the best caption left by an anonymous reader. Too good to be left languishing...

George W: Yes, now I'm sure of it, I definitely did leave a burner on in the White House.
Laura: Just imagine! Wearing such white socks with such red booties! The pope was *such* a bold man!
George H. W.: Yes, by George, I think I've got it. I lost Barbara in the airport, not on the ranch.
Bill: Mea Culpa, O Great God in Heaven. Mercy on me, O Father. I repent and atone, I lay myself before your grace. I *did* have sex with that woman, it's true. And it's because of my fifteen minutes of fellatio that these incompetents are now in charge of the world for the foreseeable future. O Great God in Heaven, have mercy on me.
Condi: Whew, a spare moment, a breather, thank god. Time to reflect. Time for solitude. Time to be alone with myself. With myself and my ten fingers. My fingers given to me by god. My fingers, my powerful fingers. My fingers that play sublime chords upon the keys of power. My fingers that grip the levers of war. My ten fingers. My ten godly fingers. My hands of god. Thank god for my hands of god. Let me count upon my godly fingers these things my power fingers can do. (L Thumb) Iran. (L Pointer) Syria. (L Middle) Taiwan. (L Ring) Tibet. (L Pinky) Zimbabwe. (R Thumb) Venezuela. (R Pointer) Cuba. (R Middle) Lebanon. (R Ring) Minnesota. (R Pinky) China. My fingers, oh you vunderful fingers.

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