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March 17, 2005



So, are you quitting? I don't get it.

The Heretik

Roxanne, wouldn't quit unless the money were right. Might have to quit because not sure of control of literary devices. Oy. You let something out of the bag, who knows where it will go.


Heretik - do you get health benefits? 'cuz I'd be interested in getting a gig like this...

pissed off patricia

If you leave your post, heretik, you'll answer to me. Remember, I have a whip, I know how to use it, and using it doesn't make me cry one bit.


i'm watching too heretik ... don't you dare desert. you're needed.

pissed off patricia

My most sincere advice to you sweet heretik is don't make newswriter and I come down there. We will do what must be done and I don't think you want that to happen.


The News with Ooze....gotta love it! ;-)

The Heretik

Pissed Off Patricia, you are making me rethink a lot of things. Note to Heretik Self: Is is it better to continue on with my ways and have that Hottie Popstress come down here with a whip again and maybe with the St Paddies Day asbestos green thong ..... or return to the Righteous Leftist Fold . . .

Shakespeare's Sister

Somebody's too sassy for his own good today. ;)

The Heretik

Sassy from Sister Shakes? Methinks the sister doth protest too much. And damn, there are so many other things to protest about.

. . . . i feel good .. . . i knew that i would .. . . so good, so goooooood ... . i gotta you . . . .

Stay tuned for more nooze with ooze . . .


Apparently, I need to post a reminder on my blog about my workplace (Hell) my soon-to-be-usurped doddering boss (Satan), and the company you'll keep if you choose to sell out.

Not that I'm averse to collecting souls, you see, but I do think it's sporting to keep everyone informed.


The Feminister of Ephemera regrets to inform the Minister of Proper Gander that aforementioned ministries are nonrevokable. Get back to work on those lovely graphics, empty the type drawer, and keep on afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted.


media girl

Okay, so go get laid already! Take a vacation! Have a martini with tangerine! Bowl! Just puhleez don't go working for the White House! If you're gonna sell out, sell out big -- get stock options, a golden parachute, diamond sunglasses. Government work doesn't pay that good ... unless you're a journalist. Now there's an idea! Hmmmm.... I gotta go.


Femenister of Proper Gander:

I'm glad you were satirizing things. However, it did occur to me to give everyone a taste of Hell, the consequence for selling out.

The Wage of Apathy is Hell.

Since you've changed your mind about selling out to Shrub, I guess I won't be seeing you downstairs, but I hope you'll drop by sometime. ;)


Honest Abe was just following in the footsteps of Andy Jackson who, on finding that Justice Marshall couldn't really enforce his rulings, ignored the court and acted for the benefit of all of the people of this land by evicting the Cherokee from the southeast and marching them off to Oklahoma. Clearly, great men don't have their range of action limited by such trite considerations as the rule of law or the suffering that they may bring to others.

The indulgence of the sell out passage compares favorably with clips of the annual self-flaggelation of Shiites and ultra-conservative Roman Catholics. It's tittilating, but oh-so-unnecesarry. In our world, when it comes to a throwing away everything that you might've held dear, all ya gotta remember is 9/11 changed everything. Perhaps it just took a little longer for this realization to sink in?

Of course, if 9/11 and Iraq weren't enough to get you to sign on for this administration's rapture inducing foreign policy, its insistence on having its way in Iran could be just the incentive you need for a sell out. There's no particularly good reason to suppose that the rest of the world will sit idly by while the Bush administration adds to its control of the world's petroleum reserves. Such prospects demand ready cash reserves (denominated in Swiss frans or Euros) and the disposable income required for emergency construction projects. Can't you hear your bomb shelter calling?


I would sell out in a second if they gave me one of them SkyCam helicopters.

And a tank, you know, just for cruisin' up and down the Pike/Pine corridor, pickin' up chicks. Then I could take them on a ride in my SkyCam, show them the Space Needle and then off to my bachelorette pad (that would also have to be part of the deal, I guess) on Vashon Island. Which would also have to be part of the deal, I guess.

The part they don't tell you about selling out is that the price always goes up and up and up. Kinda like a SkyCam Helicopter.




Gee, how messed up is it that a threat from me if you ever deserted is NOT to spank you till your bum was all red and stinging?

I have other ways of making men pay. Right, NTodd?

The Heretik

Gee, how messed up is it that a threat from me if you ever deserted is NOT to spank you till your bum was all red and stinging?A most serious threat indeed! So noted. Waze will change immediately, Doministress! Until I sell out again tomorrow. That's right tomorrow! The Heretik will be selling out tomorrow March 24, 2005.

The Heretik

The part they don't tell you about selling out is that the price always goes up and up and up. Kinda like a SkyCam Helicopter. Selling Out, Hanna? A price? Just wait til The Heretik Sells Out Tomorrow

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