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March 24, 2005



Yeah, amen. I'm tired of people dissing Dowd.

pissed off patricia

I may not always agree with her but I sure do admire her work! Today I agree with her 100%


Nice link, I notice too that everytime I turn on the TV I see religious wingnuts all over the place. I use to be very accepting about religion as an atheist but lately I am feeling under attack, thus I am sadly becoming less tolerant...


I have a love/hate thing going with Mo. Sometimes I think she phones it in instead of giving her best all the time.

But her writing is top notch and she's nailed today's comment. Especially the part about the Dems being emasculated.

Missouri Mule

I can only hope that she could give a shit what any of us think about her or her work.

Mimus Pauly

I don't know much about uppity women, but I know what I like!


Which church?

The church I belong to, Tuxology, holds that all of these religious nutcases ("religious nutcase" = "someone who is not a Tuxologist") are going to Hell, Arizona, where they will be required to kneel for eternity in the Ice Cathedral while being flagellated by limp herring.

And if we Tuxologists gain power, herring will be declared the national food, wearing tuxedos will be required before you will be allowed to be on the street, and all public buildings will be required to install air conditioning systems capable of cooling down their building to a nice toasty 31 degrees (Farenheit, not Celcius) so that us waddling bishops of the Church of Tuxology don't have to sweat when we survey our vast domains.

Remember, Tuxology (the science of applied herring technology) will result in whiter teeth, fresh (herring) breath, and many other advantages. Tuxology is a workable system. Evidence may be seen in the lives of millions of Tuxologists and the positive effect they create. People improve their lives through Tuxology principles. As Tuxologists in all walks of life will attest, they have enjoyed greatest success in their relationships, family life, jobs and professions. Why, many famous actors are even Tuxologists, and we have an Ice Cathedral in Hollywood itself to provide them with plenty of fresh herring and ice baths!

Ah yes, it will be SO great when we manage to finally get a Tuxologist theocracy imposed on the United States...

What? What? You say those... those... BARBARIANS who aren't even TUXOLOGISTS want to impose their OWN theocracy upon us all? The NERVE of those savages!

- Badtux the Outraged Penguin


Thank Goodness for Queen Maureen. Her wit and insight are a pleasure for all. She's hot! Her reference to "Weekend at Bernie's" inspired me to make a movie poster.

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