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March 31, 2005


Grace Nearing

Chuck E. Cheese and "The Groundhog Day" of Death.... For both selfish and unselfish reasons, I'm glad it's over. Bon voyage, Terri. What I absolutely hate the most about the saturation coverage of these kinds of corpse-a-thons is that, one way or another, willing or not, I get emotionally invested. I resent that enormously, especially during the gray, gray days of a northeastern March, when my own life forces are running dangerously low. This time, in search of respite, I went and stood in front of the giant window of a local Chuck E. Cheese. Just to watch 3 and 4 and 5 year-olds go wild at some friend's birthday party. Lucky little bastards brought the sun back out.

Kate S.

Excellent -- both Heretik and Grace. Thanks.

Kate S.

Excellent -- both Heretik and Grace. Thanks.


I enjoyed your quote from Macbeth today, Heretik. I think Macbeth's lesson, alas, might only be understood by poor Michael Schiavo today. It does make me weary.

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