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March 26, 2005


pissed off patricia

Are you like having a garage sale as you sell out. I mean if there is something that you think I might be able to use, let me know. Will there be pitchforks?

I loved your Easter Bunny suit you wore last night.


i love that madonna, but where are the harpies?

as i recall he painted some pretty interesting self portraits too.

art should never be about the money, but it is.


I see your response to the thieves and I raise you two Fuck Offs and a Fuck That! Selfishness will not win (though it's got a stranglehold on us now). Someone stole the material artifact, but they can't steal what it makes us think and feel. Our minds are still free, thanks to Geo. Orwell's prescient warnings.

And I appreciate your warning to the minions, but there ain't no way you'll sell out. I'll just take this as your Get Off Your Duffs strike against apathy. Thanks.

The Heretik

Just added Burning Cigarette for Charley.


I can, very well, relate to "The Scream". It's how I felt November 2004.


Burning Cigarette guy looks like Roddy McDowell!

The Heretik

Old White Lady: 2004 and Scream? Oy. Oyus maximus. Roddy McDowell/ Cig guy is not Roddy. I am Roddy, but not as much as I used to be.

Arse: your high and right thinking rump is raised um two f*ck thats and one bite me very much. I am so outta here

POP: I will always have a pitchfork for you, a pitchfork you can use to pitch the stuff that is on your fork. F*rk that, arse above.


Earl Bockenfeld was the one who sent me that image of The Scream we used at the blog. It's oh so appropriate, no?

I'll raise you a
"Fuck off, you fucking fuck"

The Heretik

Oy, back at you, Blondie. And it actually should be F*ck you, you f*cking f*ck! Please ma'am, I want some more.


burning cigarette, even in cyberspace one can know what another would like. ever see the van gough portrait of the skull smoking a cig.?

heretik, thanx for the props, and i'll have something to say about that as soon as i figure the appropriate tone of humility.

and OT, since i'm such an atrocious speller i had to see if cigarette had one r or two (i now realize, too late, it's right above me), and i ran across this.
Civil Liberties- inalienable liberties guaranteed to the individual by law and by custom; rights of thinking, speaking, and acting as one likes without interference or restraint except in the interests of public welfare.

i imagine in the "interests of public welfare" is the drum the homeland security goons will beat. already Ted Stevens has proposed a bill that would seek to regulate the internet. i've discussed this with freinds and many see this as a reasonable and right response in this new scary world. to that, i raise a hundred fuck yous.
stealing art i can live with, but stealing ones liberties is a national crime.


Last summer I turned 40. To ease into it slow like...I did it in Paris.

I'm a latecomer to Europe. It was my first trip. I spent my 40th birthday at the Louvre, pondering how so many canvases can reach into the soul like it's a transparency.

Munch evokes darkness so brilliantly.

The flip side of Botticelli...who made my heart soar.

Is it too weird to lay this out on a thread that's probably supposed to be full of witticisms and smart assedness?

The Heretik

Is it too weird to lay this out on a thread that's probably supposed to be full of witticisms and smart assedness?

No, Carla, no. The only true weirdness would be to stay silent in the face of such rampant falsity all around us.

The point here is to be neither smart nor an ass. What witticism we toss out here must stick to its targets. Oy.

And in the spirit of having just said that:
Charley, I see your hundred f*ck yous and raise you a thousand f*ck you, you f*cking f*cks, f*ck yous.

Oy. All this righteous lefteous lambasting is making a mess of my turkey. The turkey I am cooking for Easter dinner. Not the turkey in the White House. The turkey in the White House is making a mess of everything else on the table.

Sorry, got to go. Must find Easter egg left by the chickens coming home to roost.


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