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March 29, 2005


Kathy F

Hey, you're speaking my language!

I have a lot of thoughts about this, some are still unformed, however.

I do know this: I want my language back from the slags who stole it!

(They're taking applications for interns at the Rockridge Institute, where they study things like this.) In my next life I'm coming back as a linguist. Or maybe after I'm a neuroscientist; can't decide.


We'll talk Thanksgiving table divides when one sibling comes home with (say) a Pottawatomi spouse/mate and another with an Italian.

I empathize and imagine it's more usual than unusual. Couldn't begin to imagine prospectives as there are so many variables and some people change and some don't.


I was raised in a strict, conservative Baptist home. Strangulation by religion.

I still struggle with religion. I can't help but see it in many ways as a choker of spirit.

I've probably gone too far the other way in raising the Karma kids.

Paradigm Shifter

In regards to your first comment about the RNC, Bush, and the "culture of life".

IMO, it is pure Orwellian newspeak and nothing less. I would only hope that people would stop to think, if only for a microsecond, to see the hypocrisy.

The NeoCons (RNC,Bush) want to be known as the "culture of life" party so they can motivat their religious base...

The irony of the "culture of life" they are refering to seems to only include fetuses and Teri Shiavo. Outside of that, I would say Bush/RNC/NeoCons are a culture of death.

Anti-abortionists will bomb clinics and kill people to save a fetus...they call this the "culture of life".

Bush can send soldiers off to Iraq to die along side hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and somehow this is a "culture of life".

We can use extraordinary rendition to label anyone an enemy combatant, ship them off to Syria, and torture them until they confess to what ever crime we want them to confess to. Culture of life??

Bush signed a law in Texas making it easier for the plug to get pulled on terminally ill patients if the Doc OK's it and the patient can't pay their medicare bill.....Yank! Culture of life?

How many inmates have been executed in Texas while Bush was Governor...

Culture of Life?

The Alchemist

There is an old adage that all an atheist need do to prove their point is take a beleiver to a cemetary and indicate the stone which says 'died aged three'. Personaly, I'd rather defy a beleiver to justify the division of inumerable families by one poisonous faith after another.

We can choose our gods (if any), but family is more important.

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