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March 27, 2005



I find rigid stereotypical roles are so last century. Times have changed. For the better. If I want to spend time with my children while my wife works then the biggest issues is are the children getting a nurturing, healthy experience.

Saying that men can't take sole care of the children is a silly as the idea that women can't work in any career that doesn't involve child care.

The Heretik

Couldn't agree with you more, friend. Say hello to Mrs. Spocko. And remember, Bush cares a lot about this. As far as kids go, I take my mantra from him:Is our children learning? Oy, is our children indeed.


I think any parent that tries to take away complete custody from another parent who is non-abusive is wrong. If both parents are non-abusive and non-neglectful, joint custody seems like the best bet.

Sadly I think it's probably true that many parents, usually fathers, are neglectful. (Not all or even most fathers, of course).

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