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March 17, 2005



I like the fact that this topic comes up on a regular basis. I love it when Non-existant Women Bloggers get mad. I find it sexy. Which is weird given my contention that all women bloggers are really just men pretending to be women. But hey, I've got to be consistent.

The Heretik

Stir it up; little darlin', stir it up. Come on, baby.
Come on and stir it up: little darlin', stir it up. O-oh!

Bob Marley
Oy, N Todd, oy.


NTodd... Must I punish you more?

Yeah, I have a blog that is mostly silly. Why not? It's mine. I didn't know I had to write what would "attract" the notice of the likes of a Kevin Drum (hurl). That doesn't mean what I discuss isn't relevant, or can't be a launchpad for further discussions about a variety of issues.

But do you know what really tars my feathers about all this?

1) Someone like Atrios can post two sentences and a link, and he gets 500 responses. Most of them personal yakkety-yak. I love the A-man, his site and the regulars there. But how is THAT any better of blogging, anymore interesting or pertinent, than what any woman writes? Some women put a lot of thought in their posts about a variety of issues, and it shows. But Atrios and other men get the red carpet treatment, for writing "Heh. Indeed." with a little link.

2) When I do write topical posts, and take some time to present an argument...nothing. Nobody notices. I might as well talk to the digital void. You want us to keep writing like that, Mr. Drum, then get out of your little ivory tower web bubble and NOTICE. RESPOND. LINK. Jerkoff.

3) You can talk about compromising on abortion, Mr. Drum, when you have functioning ovaries and a uterus. Otherwise, STFU with telling women what position they must present regarding abortion. In his case, my position is that the cure for abortion is cutting off his penis.

Sorry for the long post, ,but that jerk really pisses me off.


1) Yeah, as the farmer (Eschaton alum and corrente founder) said to me once, Atrios could post about how he had a corn muffin for breaky and there's be 100 posts before he had his last bite.

2) I try to respond to your topical posts. I just get distracted sometimes by the other stuff. I'm a boy. We're simple-minded and we like to show off when we think we're on display. Beautiful plumage, eh?

3) As I have so ably argued, there IS common ground on the abortion issue, but I totally hear what you're saying. The reason I'm pro-choice is BECAUSE I'm male, in fact.



You're one of the few who does post anything when I write something other than the sex toy/hunk blogging. I'm just about to give up on doing anything else. And even that is losing some of its fun for me. Lately, I've seriously considered dropping both features.


Don't give up. As I learned early on in my blogging career, it takes a while to build a community that's willing and able to comment, save on a few things. It's like a child or a pet or a plant: you have to nurture it, even when it frustrates you and doesn't seem to be doing any good.

The Heretik

Some women put a lot of thought in their posts about a variety of issues, and it shows. But Atrios and other men get the red carpet treatment, for writing "Heh. Indeed." with a little link.

Welcome, LJ. Don't give up. The Heretik needs thoughtful people like yourself in the fight. The fight is for our lives. Who wanders in interest to gather her strength and share it will always be welcome here again and again.

And, LJ,don't worry too much about the length of what you have to say. The thoughtful can never have enough words and the thoughtless overextend their stay.

There is far more to life than a two line post with a link and an endless series of comments. Comments by people that took a lot of time to think out, to consider and deliver, sometimes even with quotes. Sometimes even profane in nature, yet profound. Sometimes extreeeeeeeeemely long in thought process, yet short on words. Truly brevity is the soul of wit.

The Heretik salutes Atrios and his flock. He salutes each and every person who has taken the time to think up one of those those original comments that says, " F**k Bush." And the next original one after that with just as much thought that adds much to the discussion. " F**k Bush."

Yes, The Heretik has the fever now. May I channel now all the weenied ones who have time for cat blogging and dog blogging, but not for women blogging. F**k Bush.

F**k Bush. F**k Bush. F**k Bush. F**k Bush. F**k Bush. F**k Bush. F**k Bush. F**k Bush. F**k Bush. F**k Bush. F**k Bush. F**k Bush. F**k Bush.

There, that's better. F**k Bush. Sorry. Just one last belch of originality there.

Oy. F**k. Bush. indeed. Heh. Heh. Heh. Link.


Thanks, Heretik and NTodd, for the encouraging words. It's just been a depressing few days here at Aquaria's Dungeon.

Oh, and NTodd: Nice article over at redandblue. I agree completely with the ounce of prevention idea. I plan to write more about the abortion issue on my blog, in the near future. And some of the other "women's issues." Feminism has always been my first, best political love.

I guess the main thing I'm happy about now is that I have a focus for my energy. It took a wakeup call like this to do it. And I have both of you to thank for it. :)


The News Writer would not like hundreds of responses that say little or nothing as she would surely explode from the overload. The News Writer prefers her handful of loyal readers, increasing in number by small increments which she knows about because every now and then someone drops a note to say so.

The New Writer also agrees with her friend The Heretik that their is no need to define our success by those a-listers. Phooey, she says. And phooey again. Here is where her heart and mind resides. And now she's going to go read LJ.

The Heretik

Thanks, newsie! Whoever has the link to LJ, post it in comments please.


Seriously. I want to see LJ/Aquaria's blog.


Hi Lauren.

My blog is Rampaging PMS.

I don't know if it's all that great. It just is. It contains adult content, and maybe some stuff that some lefties might cringe from. For instance, today's serving is excerpts from Mao's Little Red Book, with a few snarky comments.

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