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March 27, 2005


The Alchemist

A good picture on the day we learned of the discovery of actual dinosaur soft tissue. Nothing propinks like propinquity as they say.


Recent news about Prescot "Nazi" Bush: Prez Dubya didn't want to release 50 year old documents which proved his Grandpappy Prescot was the Nazi's personal banker. But my favorite is Jeb's wife Columba, who was caught smuggling thousands of dollars of jewelry and clothes into Florida from Europe. And don't forget coke-sniffing, car-wrecking Jeb daughter Noelle. Man, the Bush's are like pod people, slowly assimilating each part of the country.


Alchemist, this is true? must research, very interesting.

Agitprop, yeah i wondered about the grandpappy angle. jebus, a country with class would have seen you want a president with daughters like kerry, but no, we get the bush bimbos.

Dick Bush, now that would suck.

Earl Bockenfeld

I saw a bumper sticker this weekend;

Beautify the White House
No Bushes

And that includes the other beautiful
son, Jebbie too!

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