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March 01, 2005



That's a lie! I have not capitulated. THERE ARE NO WOMEN BLOGGERS! If there were, I'd certainly know about them...


Oh, and totally OT, but are you able to get to Berube today? I can't, and I just wonder if it's my Uppity ISP.

Trish Wilson

Cote d'Azur? I'll be there. ;)

NTodd, I'm getting Berube just fine. I was having trouble with Blogspot blogs earlier today but now they're coming up.

The Heretik

Trish: Big thing as far as sourcing, enormous tremor in the blogosphere for those who are going to see the emperor with that Vader chica Condoliza Riza. Cote d'Azur is Pinko's bit, not mine. And I'm not going anywere, I'm stuck here at the Mouth of Hell and not leaving anytime soon.


Thanks--Berube's coming up fine now. F'ing Hughes network sucks ass...


Feministers™! Brilliant. I would much prefer to be a Feminister than a Ministress. Maybe a Ministrix ... hmm.


P.S. Uppity Women heart smartypants men.

The Heretik

AE: Look for Update tomorrow where Feministers for Fun in the Battle Between Fun and Evil plot against Darth Riza, Countess Kindaliza.


no prob getting Berube today, but he's my new boyfriend. As for "TRYING TO GET LAID IN A VERY RIGHT, VERY SMART, LEFTY KIND OF WAY," there are stupider ways to try and do it.


w00t! Someone appreciates me!

"I'd like to thank the Academy..."

Shakespeare's Sister

Good stuff!

(Even though I'm still not on that blogroll!)



Um... Can I be the DomiMinistrix? Or the sex toy minister? Please?


That is good stuff.

I'm still not on that blogroll either! (double sniff) :)

I am trying to get that jpeg to you man..I really am. The blogpartner is up to his eyeballs in real life at the moment.

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