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March 19, 2005


Missouri Mule

Drunk with power? Oh, so it isn't so!

The Heretik

More specifics please, "Vicki!" What isn't so? Are you realy feeling better? Or are you just so so?

Missouri Mule

Saying the invented ruler is drunk with power is an understatement. That is what I meant by "Oh, say it isn't so?"

The Heretik

Forgive me, O Queen of Understatement,Ms. Missouri Mule, but the smoke from the fire and brimstone so often wafts over from the gates of hell past here where I work at my desk at the mouth of hell. OY
And I do think what you were thinking, but not saying was what?

Admit it, Kicking Queen. It's the only way.
You must face the past and then move on. What did you mean? "Oh, say it isn't so?"

Were you really speaking about The Great Intellect Currently Resident in the White House? Were you talking on the page about The Man Carrying The White Man's Burden Who Used to Carry The White Man's Bags of Peruvian Marching Powder? Or was it actually someone else?

The Heretik with smoke in his eyes sees the progression more like this
Say it ain't so.
Say it ain't so, Joe
Say it ain't so, Joe! Mattingly!

Note to Minions: Anyone suffering from the vapors of the fire and brimstone and not sure WTF is going on here may reference Ms. Mule here.

. . . They, asked me how I knew . . . My true love was true . . . I of course replied . . . something here inside . . . Can not be denied.

. . .They, said some day you'll find . . . . . . .All who love are blind . . . When you heart's on fire .. . . you must realize . . .
Smoke gets in your eyes

Man, I could really go for an Oy cocktail about now.

Missouri Mule

As I said, I'll go to my grave loving you, but please get a fan. The smoke is getting to me!

The Heretik

Fan ordered. Now Play That Funky, Music, White Boy!

Missouri Mule

Sorry, I have the vapors, and I can't get the thingy to play. I'm sure it would address a serious political problem and open up a conversation on sterotyping or bias in blogland. Damn the bad luck!


Glad you liked the Rummie movie posters I made. That was my first attempt at using Photo Shop. So what's Dubya drinking? A Kool Aid Martini?

The Heretik

Nicely done, propeller head. And Kool Aid martini? Nicely phrased. Too nicely. You most likely will be walking past my desk at the mouth of hell to the eternal fate you so richly deserve soon!

Note to Heretik Self: Must find way to emulate Bush and ruin relationships old and new!
To be or not to be. What is the question?

Ask AgitPropMan if I can borrow Rummie McKrap for blog tomorrow or just steal it tonight with no citation?

What did Shakespeare's Sister's Brother say . . . . neither a borrower nor a lender be . .

Oy. Friendship in the blogosphere. It's hard work

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