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February 27, 2005



Having worked in shelters and in the dv field for years now I hate to admit it, but at least in the shelters we called those shirts "wifebeaters" when they were donated. It was a bit of black humor, which really you need in working in that environment day in and out. (shhss dirty little secret)

Trish Wilson

I've seen the wifebeaters web site before, and it made me ill. My husband's teenaged son wears tank t-shirts and calls them "wife-beaters." I called him to task for it but I don't think my comments sunk in. I know that the t-shirt became very popular after Marlon Brando wore it in "A Streetcar Named Desire." I'm not sure if the term "wife-beater" came about following the stage play and movie, but it might have.

Missouri Mule

I thought they were William Holden T-shirts? Damn, I am so not hip.

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