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February 28, 2005


The CultureGhost

Tidings of filth and deceit from The Reality Show Called Life...
The "Atomic Christ" you commented on is a composite. I've saved numerous test shot photos (in fact a few serve as my desktop background...more on that later)from one of the bomb archives. The crucifixtion was just lying around over at the Yahoo image dump. Didn't need much resizing and then I dropped it in at 28-33% opacity. Feel free to use it. I've compiled numerous images for use...the files get unwieldy...not a disk space issue, but "what the hell was I going to do with (fill in the blank)?"
You seem very adept and comfortable with PhotoShop.

The Heretik

As always, thanks for your support, generosity, and kindness, your ghostliness. Note to the Solid Life Forms: if a phantasmic creature possibly gaseous in form but not in spirit can be kind, why not us?

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