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February 17, 2005


The CultureGhost

The CultureGhost has entertained vivid fantasies involving "Nooners" and Rexella (from that religious program), several hundred gallons of PeptoBismal, and the soundtrack from a NASCAR race.

The fantasy now has more depth with "Nooners" screaming, "Moon howlers! Rabid! Scalp Hunters!"

Rodger Morrow

Thursday morning, I received an email from one of the readers of my blog pointing out the remarkable similarity between the lead of Peggy Noonan's column and this item I posted Tuesday night. I believe the commonalities are more than accidental.

James Taranto brought to my attention last October the fact that both David Brooks and John Podhoretz had "aped" another post of mine, which was featured in Best of the Web Today. I had hoped his newspaper's own columnists would be more responsible.

"Blogging," Ms. Noonan writes, "changes how business is done in American journalism." Unfortunately, blogging hasn't much changed plagiarism—except to make it easier.

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