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February 12, 2005



Great writing here! Loved your article! As a writer myself, I have refused to use the words "Native American Indian", when speaking about the people's who inhabited these lands LONG before any Europeans came here. As far as I am concerned, that infers that the peoples of these lands somehow chose to accept the title thrust on them of being 'americans'. In substitution to the articles and stories presented by the Europeans who occupied and settled these lands, I have chosen only to use Native Indian Peoples. Even that does not appeal to me completely, however for the sake of the ignorant "americans" who descended from the European occupiers and/or those who flocked to these lands as a result thereof, I use that term for their shallow understanding. I would instead, enjoy the literary terms and inclusion of the actual names of each tribe, but then again, how many of the ignorant government schooled brainwashed individuals would even know the names of all the tribes, let alone if these names were spelled in the tribal languages, which has been nearly obliterated in the population. Anyway, I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading here LOL Sorry to get so carried away!

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