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February 27, 2005



Yeah, I saw that and it made me laugh and weep.

I gave up 75% of my rather significant salary (and 100% of my benes) because I was tired of the rat race--being an academic and faux artist doesn't pay well, but I'm loving it. My wife is currently working 2 jobs, 7 days a week, until the business she's launching gets established. Then she'll be taking a 50% pay cut so she can follow her dream.

Maybe we're lucky because we earned a great deal of money whilst living in the relatively cheap state of Vermont, and have been able to sock it away. But in a sense, you create your own luck, and lifestyle choices are a big part of it. The whining Manhattanites just make me wonder how our nation lost its soul.

Missouri Mule

NTood, could it be from watching to much Soul Train?

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