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February 11, 2005



Hi, wandered over here after reading your post on Dohiyi Mir.

I thought Bush was riding high on 57% approval ratings. So how can people approve of the man and dislike the crap he's doing? Is this still the 'having a beer with the guy' thing? So, kinda like letting the village drunk drive you home, no?

Good for a laugh, but deadly when making decisions.

The Heretik

THe Heretik appreciate your metaphors. The Heretik is not one to make forced confessions. If the Heretik had made forced confessions in The Terrible Terrible Time of the Long Ago, he would not have burned at the stake. However, The Heretik here is forced to confess he is baffled by the dissonance between unpopularity of policy and popularity of the village drunk.

Well said, Ellroon. Now get back to work.

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