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February 16, 2005



Before The Heretik was at his desk reporting from the mouth of hell, he was executive producer of the leading cable news show. You can guess which one.

You produced 700 Club?! Too cool for school. Can you get me Cokie Zahn's autograph? On my butt?

The Heretik

The Heretik asked me to relate to Mister NTodd that he should pick a cheek and he will get Ms Zahn to sign it. Full name or just Cokie?

The Heretik is very busy right now, but would like for me to say for him. Goood job, give yourself a pat on the back. Now get back to work.

The CultureGhost

The CultureGhost has been serving an eight year sentence in the Gulag SubUrbia. The CultureGhost believes it is for thought crimes against the petty bourgeoisie. Though the warders of the Gulag SubUrbia try to break The CultureGhost with the lure of bountiful food at theme-oriented restaurants, bright baubbles and sundry items at the tranquil mall and a sense of shared family values, The CultureGhost has not been broken.

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