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February 25, 2005


Tamara Sbelgio

As the founder of Morning Star Rising, a program guiding adolescent girls toward an empowered womanhood, I am delighted to find this site!! I intend to return over and over. Thank you for the story of Sophie Scholl. In these rather dark and disturbing times, the inspiration of the undaunted courage of everyday heretiks is essential. In October 2004, we sponsored a one-day Uppity Women Film Festival in Austin, TX. Our hope is to make this our annual fund-raising event.

The Heretik

Keep The Heretik informed, Tamara.

Tamara Sbelgio

Promote Uppitude! Visit The Uppity Woman Store @ Half of the profits from sales of the wide variety of amusing and inflammatory goods support college scholarships for the Morning Star Rising girls. Twin goals of this online store are the promotion of uppitude (an insistence on the right to define one's own identity and life path) and college financial assistance to Morning Star Rising graduates. For more information see
Onward and Upward!


WE LOVE SOPHIE SCHOLL!!!!!!! we think of her everyday and she is our hero and am glad others appreciate her thank you so much

David Gan

Sophie Scholl is Germany's Anne Frank, who bravely sacrificed her life for which she believed is the Truth. I wonder how many people will have the courage to do what she has done. I hope that the Kangaroo court judge suffer a fate he deserved, like those tried at Nurnberg. In midst of total chaos of Nazi Germany, she was the White Rose that pushed through the black soil of Nazi hate and destruction. She will be remembered as an eternal heroine that will never be forgotten.

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In the same issue of Newsday, Holocaust historian Jud Newborn noted that "You cannot really measure the effect of this kind of resistance in whether or not X number of bridges were blown up or a regime fell... The White Rose really has a more symbolic value, but that's a very important value."


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