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November 13, 2005


Craig McDonough

As in the various riots in the US, the base population of participants are (mostly) young men, who feel that they are in the society, but not really of the society.

To address the reasons you would have to assess the economic inequality, the underlying racism, and the religious intolerance.

Come to think of it, if you were to address these same issues, on a global basis, you would likely bring the "terrorists" that Bush & Co are at "war" with to a screeching halt.

You have to address the issues that make some 20-something, probably with a family, think that it's a viable alternative to either burn down their own community or blow themselvs to bits.


It's the terrorist sympathizer's fault.


I was in Paris when the riots began and left the day before they moved to the central part of the city. The really odd thing was that, on my flight over, I had been reading about the 1968 Paris riots, reviewing what had happened and what it led to. It was really freaky, therefore, when I arrived, and rioting began again.

It spread to other towns in France, then to Germany and Belgium. Now it seems to be dying down--for now--and not crossing the Atlantic like it did last time.

When the French police threw tear gas into a mosque, I wondered at their sanity. One of the members of the Paris City Council was on television, trying to explain that yes, this is exactly what happens when people are marginalized, and can we finally do something about it? I got the impression he may have been taken seriously.

Since I have been home, several people have said to me, "I was so worried with you over there." "Were you afraid?" My answer is that I live in the most violent country in the so-called free world, and a riot in France, though very unfortunate, is not that big a deal compared with what goes on here all the time.

People didn't like that answer.

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