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September 15, 2005


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» The President holds a seance from Lance Mannion
The President delivered his speech to an empty city last night, I guess figuring that if he spoke only to ghosts he wouldn't hear the jeers and catcalls he deserved. I know. I know. It was symbolic. The President was leading the way back into the ruine... [Read More]


Peter Parker


And it only took the destruction of some cities and a whole lot of life.

Echidne  of the snakes

Vomit time. I do suspect that the audience was carefully picked to be as ignorant of facts as possible.

Neil Shakespeare

Egad! He could as well have been on the Moon. Such a strange set! Who the hell came up with that? Are they trying to re-inforce his isolation? Don't they realize he needs help? Do you know what the hell that statue was of in the background? Bolivar T. Gassaway was it? You know, the guy who sued to start his campaign speeches with "I was born in a little log cabin that I helped my father built!"

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