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July 20, 2005


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» Theocracy here and everywhere from Pandagon
Sad, if unsurprising news. The new Iraqi constitution is all god all the time. And just like the "Christianity" espoused by our right wing nuts, the number one thing that god wants is women's necks under the boots of men.... [Read More]

» W is for Women: Part of a Continuing Series... from Shakespeare's Sister
The interesting thing about this article to me is that the “liberation” of Iraq at our hands has in fact not liberated Iraqi women at all, but seems instead likely to roll back rights they have been guaranteed for decades. [Read More]



It makes sense, really, that Bush would care so little about the rights of Iraqi women. He doesn't care about the rights of American women. He thinks we're worthless. He doesn't think we're capable of making our own choices about our own health care, our own bodies. Even our own deaths! He cares about fetuses. He does not care about people.

great post, Heretik.

Ol Cranky

the Bushies don't give a fiddler's fart about women's rights in the US, why the heck would we expect them to care about rights for that kind of chattle outside the US?


Democracy! Yeah!


(grumbles) I keep thinking if I have enough peach martinis then the pain of his term will not hurt so much, but it's not working!

You would think, with him being married, and having two daughters, he would be more concerned about what concerns women. Wouldn't you??

Ol Cranky


you're speaking to people with a conscience and without a silver foot in our mouths. His people are taken care of regardless of law of the land, they have the money and the means to protect their own.


Hey Heretik, I think the NY Times is reading your blog:

Pretty good editorial.

Take care --

Words Have Power

So....we started a war that will result in the subjugation of Iraq women and the alliance of Iraq and Iran. Did I miss the memo that mentioned those goals?

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