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June 24, 2005


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that colored fella

Thanks for the quick heads up, my friend! I'll be collecting apologies for my senior U.S. Senator Dick Durbin over at TCFW!

The Heretik

TCF, it is a most sorry situation. Get the word out.


Wow. Thanks for the email.

The Heretik

You are welcome. Hard to say that on news like this, but we need to say hello to what's at our door and deal with it.


Finaly. . .

Steve Bates

Good work as always, Heretik... how you find these things so quickly always amazes me. I've appended basic info (and a link to you and to Jeanne d'Arc) to my post "Houston Denounces Torture," about the Amnesty rally this Sunday. Thanks, and keep it up.


Thanks for the email...I am happy to link it on my blog for the non-politicos that come my way.


Wow. Seems to me that the administration suffers from exceptionalism gone hogwild. No one can torture EXCEPT Americans because Americans are by nature morally superior, and they know when to stop. (As if it is ever right in the first place.) And no one can invade another nation pre-emptively EXCEPT Americans because they just know - because they're Americans, ya see - when someone is about to do bad.

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