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May 04, 2005


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blue girl

Thanks for that.


Oh the gods. I forgot what day today is. Thank you, Heretikal one.

The Heretik

Bushmerica has all the fact links you could want on this and more here


Remember this day all too well. Thanks for posting on it so beautifully.


Thanks for reminding me.

blondesense Liz

I remember the Long Island boy. Seems like only yesterday.


Thanks for the great post!

blue girl

Hi again -- I tried to link a trackback to my site here. I'm new to this blog game, so I don't know if it worked. (If it did, I apologize for this note) -- If it didn't, please visit my site at:

And thanks again for such a beautiful piece. I really appreciate it.


Well written and thanks for sharing that!

I too was 13 years old on that fateful day.

I appreciate your comments on my new blog. My entry for today also addresses this and REMEMBERS.


Well, tears fill my eyes and I'm left without words, except to say thank you, Heretik the poet.

pissed off patricia

The words are yours, and the story and the tears belong to all of us.


Thank you, Heretik, for putting a human face on this tragedy, and, by extension, the killings at Jackson State.

I graduated from KSU in the 1990s, but I must admit that I knew little about the shootings. There were annual remembrance services, but nothing was done to ensure that *every* KSU student was educated about May 4, 1970. It was not until I saw a documentary on TV, years later, that I began my education about that period in American history. I was floored when I heard the hate in some people's voices as they wished that more kids had died at Kent State. I learned that the hateful attitudes by some Americans towards those of their fellow citizens who spoke and marched against Iraq War II were not new. Why did Buckeyes re-elect Rhodes in 1975 and keep him in power until 1983? Why did Americans re-elect Bush?

To counter my increasingly dark feelings about my state, I want to applaud the courage of those who fought for a memorial (most of the time I was at KSU, the "memorial" was a plaque in a parking lot) and those Ohioans who continue to speak out and fight against injustice in the US and around the world.


I googled the names of all the victims after reading this beautiful tribute. Thanks for the push.


You have honored Allison, Jeff, Sandra, William, your father -- all of us and all of our parents at that dreadful hour -- in this piece.


Wow! Jeff is my hero...could have been any one of the guys I knew growing up on Long Island....I have ALWAYS admired him. I've been to the spot he was killed twice and will go again this summer.

Do you know of any memorial plaques at JFK high school?


Kent State


Montreal Mike

So Jeffrey Miller WAS from my home town. So many years have passed. Occasionally I've related the story of Jeffrey Miller. "He was from Plainview," I'd say. But I haven't spoken about him and about Kent State in a very long time, and I began to wonder whether I had the story right. Imagine today, I finally got around to Googling Jeffrey Miller + Plainview. Heretik, your beautiful essay and these postings just hit me in the gut. I was 15 that day. I lived near Diamond Drive. My best buddy lived at 30 Diamond Drive. The day after the shootings, it was cold and windy, about 45 degrees. I was in the ninth grade. I, too, defied my father, and my mother. I walked out of Mattlin Junior High, up the hill to Kennedy, where I joined a rally on the football field. We took buses (arranged by the school board, I think) to Hempstead where we marched with thousands of others from Long Island, protesting against what happened at Kent State and what was happening in Southeast Asia. The day changed me in a profound way, as I'm sure it did so many other people. Once you start questioning the authorities, from national leaders bent on dividing the country to parents bent on keeping you in line, the world doesn't look the same. It may sound cliched, but when I walked out of school that day I left a whole set of values behind. But enough about me. Let's talk about Diamond Drive. It didn't run along the Northern State. It was in a development near the Northern State. Basically, to get there you'd take the Manetto Hill Road exit from the parkway, go south on Manetto Hill, make a right on Main Parkway (a small street, actually), and then another right on Diamond. But you, Heretik, got to the heart of Diamond, whereever you found it. Thanks.


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