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May 05, 2005


pissed off patricia

And for those of us who are yet to figure you out? Please help us.
Perhaps this is one of my blond hair problems.

The Heretik

Me? I am a work in progress. Most of the time.


You know, that first poem describes my life right now like you wouldn't believe. Maybe I'll memorize it and turn it into a mantra.


Great site Joe - a distinctive voice.

I would particularly like to know what songs you would send to a friend on a day like today.

Just about anything a nightbird would play.


"Killing in the Name of" by Rage Against the Machine always makes me feel kinda warm and fuzzy all over on days like this.

Feeling quiet - angry - scared
your here
i'm here
they're here too.
Together - apart - alone
but not often.
urbane dissillusioned asleep
but never sleeping
dreaming awake.


F*ck, I can't decide whether to dance or be be been be be beneath be be before be be being. . . , , .


too many f*cking choices!

Leah A

My dear Heretik,

Words fail me, truly fail me. Both lovely poems. The real thing. One dedicated to me is almost too much loveliness, but not really, says greedy me. A first; no one has ever said, "I wrote this poem for you."

What to say besides, "wow?"

I hope a heartfelt "thank-you," will do.

I see you attract poets, by design, I understand. On the internet, in skippy's blogtopia, are we creating our own "Paris in the twenties," or New York in the thirties...forties, fifties, & sixties, come to think of it? I think maybe so.

So much talent, talent to burn, but let's not, she hastens to add. (A sensitive subject for a heretik, I know)

Such a special pleasure to watch talent while it's maturing, before it's on the curriculum, so to speak. I used to wonder, whenever I'd pick up a volume of some writer's letters, how did all those people who were getting notes from, say, Edna Vincent Millay, know those were letters they ought to put in a drawer. Now I understand.

Again, thank-you.

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